The Banner Days Release Party: Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis

The-Banner-Days-Cover-Web-470x414Have you ever asked a question and had the answer come back in an unexpected and ethereal way? That’s what happened when we talked with Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis ahead of their upcoming album drop on August 23rd, The Banner Days. These Snohomish residents are part of a talented and artistic group who make up a large demographic right here in our riverside city.

Listening to Beth sing ‘Brother,’ one can’t help but be still and absorb the echoes of loss. In collaborating and writing songs together, Beth and Bradford have magnified their magic through these vibrations of soul.


Beth grew up in Snohomish in a large family on a farm. Themes of simplicity and enjoying what’s right in front of you, namely each other, have origins from those experiences. For both Bradford and Beth, being part of  a community that supports and nurtures music has been a large part of their success.


The Banner Days will be released on August 23rd at an as yet undisclosed location. The release of this album is a culmination of hard work and support from not only our local community but the Kickstarter community as well. Beth and Bradford put together a fun and informative Kickstarter video and raised money to create this album. In the video Bradford says this album is like a “Hopeful New Chapter.”

“This album is about a shift in focus. Living in the right now no matter the circumstances. Every person wades through a personalized concoction of suffering. We also have opportunities to experience genuine joy. In my experience, suffering is inevitable. Joy is more like a racing stallion- it’s hard to take the reins of her, but worth a shot,” said Beth.


Beth: “Figure out what you really want/need to say to this world. Start there and make sure you really believe in it.”

Bradford: “Be relentless. Pursue it with everything you are and everything you have. Don’t wait till you figure it out or until you’re ready. You will never feel that way. Just go. You will learn quicker and more by just doing it.”

404269-250AFTER-SET SNACK?

While they don’t have a go to after set snack, Beth loves crumpets and Nutella, and Bradford might like some Nachos! We think these are excellent choices.


Beth: “‘Brother’ is the most meaningful for me right now. It’s raw and honest.”

Bradford: “‘Wanted Man’ for me. It’s filled with fear, doubt, regret, self-consciousness and shame which are all very potent emotional nemesis for me. It’s been a struggle to learn how to push through, to trust and to have hope.”


Beth: “I am so grateful to this community for all their support. It’s humbling, inspiring, and has been truly instrumental for this project.”

Bradford: “This album, this project, and this collaboration have truly happened because of so many amazing people in this community. You are all helping us to have a wider reach, to get this album out there further and further. With every share and every reference, with every person you tell about The Banner Days, you are helping us in such an important way. We could not be more proud of this record. It is our absolute pleasure to share it with you and we really think you will like it. Thank you all!”


8 Reasons to Kick Off Taste of Music with Mustard Seed Band

TOM-website-logoJust as a smile, music is a universal expression of shared experience. It transcends culture and history, engages emotion and frames our memories. Toe-tapping, hand-clapping, yee-haws and woo-hoos need no translation at the sound of music. Music engages our minds more than any other form of human activity. It’s what makes life better. Join us for the Snohomish Annual Taste of Music Festival August 15-17! <~ Click for tickets and amazing line-up.

Kicking off the festival is Mustard Seed Band on stage beginning at 5PM. We caught up with lead singer, Suzie Chrysler to find out more about the band, and to give you the “8 Reasons to Kick Off Taste of Music with Mustard Seed Band.” *Scroll down for highlight video of songs.


Mustard Seed is derived from the biblical reference where it says if you have the faith of a mustard seed that you can say to this mountain, move, and it will have to. A lot of folks believe that since the mustard seed is the tiniest of seeds that all you need is a tiny bit of faith. I maintain that although the mustard seed is tiny, it is mighty and determined. It WILL break through that concrete, bud and blossom into a beneficial food for your health that is also fun to eat. Have you ever thought of having a hotdog without mustard? Never! Mustard Seed as a band is mighty and determined. We will share our music and make your experience beneficial and fun. “Mustard Seed” along with the plant in our logo came as a vision to me about one year ago. It was right because it was right.


We have been together about 10 months. We added Sheri Roberts Greimes as keyboard and vocals in January. What an incredible blessing! Violet still guests with us from time to time. Dave Albert has been a dear friend to George and me and he joined us in April. Les Lee, also a dear friend, is subbing with us for the bass. We have all played music for decades.


We all love going to Snohomish and are locals living close by (Everett & Redmond).


Performing at the Taste of Music is a big deal for us! Last November Tony Frederickson asked us to participate in “The Blues Invasion”, a Washington Blues Society benefit happening in 4 venues simultaneously over several hours with almost 30 bands. They had ballots to mark your favorite band. The most popular vote gets to play the Taste of Music. It was about the 3rd time we had ever played a gig. We won. I am still in unbelief! This is our first time performing at the Taste of Music. We are most looking forward to getting the party started for the festival and sharing our “Blues & Roll” with new folks. Let the Games begin!


Our after set snack varies from French Fries and gravy aka chips and gravy in Canada/UK (Suzie is Canadian), Club sammies, tacos, good ole burgers and pizza! Us hard working Blues & Rollers must gas up.


The one song that speaks the most to us is “Oso Blues”. Our blues community rallied together with benefit shows all over Puget Sound. I wrote, recorded, distributed CDs in 10 days with all of the proceeds to be given directly to the Oso Community Chapel. The song is about Oso survivors, for Oso survivors.


Favorite song to sing: One of our original songs is “So you Wanna Move in with me, Baby?” It comes with audience participated hand movements and is a true story. It is about a guy who has alluded to moving in with his girlfriend and she is wary about it. A funny song with a twist, my specialty.


We want our fans to know how incredibly grateful we are for each of them. They are more like friends than fans. People ask us when they can expect a CD. We are working with the designer of the CD cover now and hope to have something for you shortly and will soon be offering single songs through our website. Suzie has two older albums that will be available for sale soon: “Let Him” – Gospel,10 songs originally recorded 1983 and re-mastered recently. “…it’s time” – Pop, 11 songs originally recorded in 1997.

So get there early to start the party with Mustard Seed band and stay for the amazing line-up all weekend!


Farmer’s Market Cocktails and Restaurant News

Roger's Riverview BistroSnohomish has a reputation for beautiful farms, elegant gardens and talented people who bring all the bounty together at markets and restaurants. This week we are happy to announce a new restaurant in Snohomish, Roger’s Riverview Bistro, offering Farm-to-Table fare. We also came across some farmer’s market- inspired cocktails perfect for summer bar-b-ques at home. Let’s get started!

Roger’s Riverview Bistro opened last night to rave reviews and vibrant crowd. As the rain halted and clouds disappeared, the sun made a welcome appearance for opening night. Chef Roger has occupied the space left by previous restaurant, Brasato. Roger and wife Shannon, along with their family (5 kids!),  are serving our community with Farm-to-Table selections, lovely wines chosen by a Seattle-area Sommelier and a killer $5 Happy Hour menu from 4PM-6PM! Local partners include Bob’s Corn, Snoqualmie Ice Cream and Vista Clara Coffee. We’re making plans to eat this~> Roger’s Clams, Cast Iron Seared Steak and finishing with Nana’s Cheesecake. See more menu items and make reservations here!


In keeping with our Farm-to-Table theme, make your way to the Snohomish Farmer’s Market each Thursday throughout the season and serve up these market-inspired cocktails at your next bar-b-que. Cucumber, Mint, Lime and Sour Cherries make their way into these delicious summer concoctions, which makes them healthy too, right?

Photo Jul 20, 7 54 14 PMSOUR CHERRY SHANDY – Inspired by Eric Prum and Josh Williams of Mason Shaker

Serves 2

1 1/2 oz. Cointreau

1 1/2 oz. Lime Juice (freshly squeezed only!)

1 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup (1 part sugar: 1 part water and boil)

16 Cherries pitted

2 Lager Beers (you can purchase these at Blanc & Rouge)


In a cocktail shaker, muddle cherries with simple syrup. Add Cointreau, lime juice and ice and shake away all your troubles! Strain over ice and add just a dash of lager. (You don’t need to use much) Enjoy!

garden statGARDEN STAR – by Eric and Josh

Serves 2

4 1/2 oz. Gin (Get yours at Skip Rock Distillers)

3 oz. Lime Juice

3 oz. Simple Syrup

6 Cucumber Slices

2 Sprigs of Mint


In a cocktail shaker, muddle simply syrup with cucumber and mint. Add gin, lime juice and ice and shake, shake, shake! Double strain into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass and garnish with a cucumber. Repeat and enjoy!

Photo Jul 20, 6 31 07 PM10530887_550894888348629_4535605365995216962_nWell, we hope you are having the best summer and we hope we’ve made it better by sharing our Farm-to-Table insprations!


Keep Your Pet Healthy in Snohomish

Screenshot 2014-07-10 07.15.12We are officially in the “Dog Days of Summer,” which refers to the constellation ‘Canis Major’ or Large Dog. The Romans believed that Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation, was responsible for the hot weather during the summer months. To us it just means long, lazy summer days and lounging around (or wishing we could) like our pets.

*Do you have a “Pelfie” (Pet Selfie) of you and your pet enjoying these Dogs Days of Summer you’d like to share? Post it on our Facebook page here!

These hot summer months are a good reminder to make some adjustments in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Here are a few things you can do to make sure this summer is a fun one for your pet.


Ideally, your pet should have a check-up every six months. Their needs change with the season, so consulting your veterinarian on diet and exercise is good to do now. Snohomish has many veterinarians to choose from if you don’t have one already.


Well, not exactly, but your animal still needs exercise. Just make sure there is plenty of water in sight, and if it’s really hot out, try to exercise in the shade. Wagging tails are good, wagging tongues are not. Water, water, water.


If you have a dog that likes to run errands with you, make sure you have a doggie care kit in your car for impromptu stops at our many parks or Centennial Trail. There should be treats, a leash, water, whistle, blanket, toys, etc. Make sure when you run errands you’re going to places where you can take your animal inside. Cars can heat up to dangerous temperatures in a matter of seconds.


Cats and dogs love to take naps in the sunshine, and sometimes they don’t hear cars driving in or out of the driveway. Keep an eye on where they are so they’re safe from cars, bicycles, etc. Also, keep DIY projects like paint and stain out of reach of your curious pet. Nails, screws and other debris can wind up in paws.


Your garden veggies are good for your dog too. Carrots are a healthy snack for your dog, and keeps their eyes, teeth and coat shiny. A trip to the Snohomish Farmer’s Market with your pet is fun for the whole family. Just make sure to pick up an extra bundle of veggies for Fido!

*Photo courtesy of #DogsOfInstagram

July Events in Snohomish- Garden Tour, Kla-ha-ya Days

KHY_2014_LogoHave you been enjoying the start to the Summer season? We sure have! Between the kickoff of Sunsets in Snohomish and the Farmer’s Market, all there is left to do is look ahead to more fun activities. July will see one of our community’s favorite events, KlaHaYa Days and the Snohomish Garden Tour. *We also have an announcement if you scroll to the bottom!

KLA-HA-YA DAYS JULY 16 -JULY 20 2014 (Click link below for schedule)

This is one of the largest events our community holds, and spans all of Snohomish from Snohomish Station all the way down to Harvey Airfield. There will be NO shortage of activities for the whole family, so make sure you are checking the link often to make sure you don’t miss a single thing. Here are a few highlights:


Untitled design (7)

SNOHOMISH GARDEN TOUR – JULY 27, 2014 NOON – 5PM Tickets $12

This year the Snohomish Garden Club presents the 30th Annual Garden Tour of eight outstanding local gardens. This self-guided tour has you meandering through lush pathways, and shaking hands with the green thumbs who nurture them. Some of the gardens on this year’s tour have never been seen before, so if you’re an avid gardener, or just appreciate the beauty of flora and fauna, this is a peaceful way immerse yourself in ideas and inspiration. Proceeds benefit Garden Club community activities such as grants and scholarships, in addition to contributing to the beautiful hanging baskets lining First Street downtown. *Click here for more details and to purchase tickets.


We now have a Facebook page where we post things we see and experience around all of Snohomish. We encourage you to post to this page as well, and make it a place to visit often. We’ll have sneak peeks into the posts we’re working on for you, and fun tidbits about the people and businesses that make up the community we love living in!

Snohomish Parks and Recreation

School’s almost out for Summer, which means it’s time for picnics, fishing and general kicking up of heels and sandals at the park. Snohomish has a zillion parks to choose from it seems. From “pocket parks” to parks filled with amenities, there will be no shortage of places to take the family for some fun in the sun. Here’s a short video of some of the parks we mention below! *Scroll down to see some exciting news about the future of our park projects.


This is a charming park west of Avenue D. It just received new play equipment last year, and is what the city calls a “pocket park.” It serves many neighborhoods and is an important part of the community.

CADY LANDING 40 Maple Avenue

If you follow Maple Avenue south, you’ll arrive at the boat launch and Cady Landing. This park is suitable for people waiting for fisherman, or accessing the Riverfront Trail which leads to all of Historic Downtown shops and eateries.

FERGUSON PARK 1330 Ferguson Park

With play equipment and access to another boat launch, Ferguson Park is located near Haggen and the Post Office. After running errands you can take the kids to explore and burn off some energy.


This is another pocket park serving neighborhoods off 13th Street in Snohomish.

HILL PARK 1610 Park

This is a gorgeous park on Blackman’s Lake and has all park amenities including bathroom facilities, and covered picnic areas. It’s beautiful and peaceful and a great way to spend a sunny day.

KLA HA YA PARK 1117 First

This park can be accessed along the Riverfront Trail or from above on First Street. It has sprawling grass and picnic benches for picnics and watching life go by.


This is a neat park serving neighborhoods east of Maple and is located between Short and Long Streets. A gravel parking lot outlines the parking areas in this neighborhood. Fields and play equipment make this a great spot for playing.


You’ve likely been to this park to watch sports, but during the summer it is a fun spot to meet friends and shoot hoops, picnic and enjoy all the beauty surrounding you. This park has full amenities as well.


Adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club, this skate park gets used by kids young and old. The things they can do on their skates and bicycles is amazing. Head on down and check out some of the tricks they do!

Photo Jun 05, 3 34 17 PMFUTURE PLANS

We spoke with Ann Stanton, project manager for parks and recreation in Snohomish, and the big news is the purchase of the Eastside Rail Corridor by Snohomish County. We wrote about this project in a post here, and are excited at the prospects of an “excursion rail” or Dinner Train, and a commuter rail that will put residents who live in Snohomish at their job site in say, Woodinville.

The city purchased another parcel of land, which you can read more about here, which will include an off-leash dog park and walking trails to serve the planned 200 homes that are projected to be built over the next few years.

This city is also planning to close on a purchase of land from the Stocker family along Lincoln Street, a popular place for drop-in fishing and parking for the many soccer competitions that compete here. Plans for this 20-acre parcel are mostly conservation, with the land being used much the same as it is used now, with hopes to extend the Riverfront Trail to Lincoln Street, and onward toward Monroe.

Ann put it best, Snohomish is developing as a place for an “urban lifestyle  in the country.” But with all of these recent changes and future developments, the city wonders if there is an area of parks and recreation that we are not meeting. Participate in the poll below and let us know what more we can do!

June Events-Sunsets, Sips and Weddings

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SIP. SHOP. WINE. DINE. STROLL is the motto for the popular wine tasting event called Sunsets in Snohomish, which runs every 2nd Saturday starting June 14, 2014 at 5:00PM in Historic Downtown Snohomish on First Street. Not only is this event a chance to try local wines from the producers, but it’s an important event for our community. Proceeds from this event serve to enhance the revitalization and beautification of downtown. The hanging baskets lining the streets in the summer are evidence of this effort.

This month we also celebrate local wine, craft beer and distilled spirits producers at the Snohomish Sips event. Everything kicks off with the Snohomish Wedding Tour on June 1. Read on to get all the details. View the gallery for shop information and a sneak peek at what they have in store this summer.

SUNSETS IN SNOHOMISH – JUNE 14 at 5PM – $12 and includes 8 tastings. $15 at the door! Check in at John L. Scott. Click here for a full list of wineries and to purchase tickets.

We got a chance to talk with some of the wineries about this event to give you a little more information on these amazing wineries.


Winemaker Micah was a gracious host and answered our questions enthusiastically. Currently out of Renton on a 50-acre parcel of land, Cedar River Cellars offers a tasting experience that encompasses a sense of place, as represented by their wine label.

“It’s the kind of place guests can lay a blanket down on the grass and enjoy the pleasure of wine and company,” said Micah.

Armed with a food science degree, Micah has been producing wine for many years, but has recently shifted the wine making process using whole grapes.

Their tasting room will be open this weekend. Stop by and discover new wines, and ask about their beautiful label. Don’t forget to bring a blanket. They will be participating in Sunsets in Snohomish on September 13th.


With production facilities in Prosser, Wa and a tasting room in Woodinville, WA, Airfield Estates is a family-owned winery growing grapes since 1968. They produce 30,000 cases each year and are able to keep prices low due to the fact that they own every aspect of the wine making process. Their tasting room is open daily noon-5PM and until 6PM on the weekend. Airfield Estates will be participating  in Sunsets in Snohomish on August 9th.


Located in beautiful Skagit Valley, Tulip Valley Winery has a tasting facility in Mount Vernon, WA and has just expanded tasting hours ahead of Summer. Visit them Fridays from 1-6PM and on the weekend noon – 5PM. Tulip Valley Winery will be at Sunsets in Snohomish June, July and August this year, and they’ll be bringing their Gewurztraminer.

The wineries will be nestled inside many of our popular shops in the Historic District of Snohomish. Find wine decor and gifts while you sip. Many of our restaurants have expanded hours and outdoor seating for what will be a gorgeous Summer of sipping and shopping! For a list of participating businesses and wineries, and to purchase tickets visit the Sunsets in Snohomish page.


Van Camp Cellars will be bringing 2011 Cabernet Franc, 2010 Merlot and 2010 “Perfection” Syrah to Sunsets. Our winery hours are Saturday’s from noon to 5pm. They’ll be releasing their 2011 Cabernet ~ Merlot, 2011 Syrah and our 2011 Merlot on the 7th of June. All tastings are free and they have recently started a “Wine Club” and are accepting new club memberships.

SNOHOMISH SIPS BY LOCAL LIQUID ARTS- June 27th 6:30-9:00 – $15 – Snohomish Senior Center

This will be the second tasting for Snohomish Sips, a tasting event bursting with flavors from members of Local Liquid Arts. These artists create some of the best wines, craft beers and distilled spirits and this event showcases them all! More details here.

SNOHOMISH WEDDING TOUR – $5 -June 1, 2014 11AM-4PM

Did you know there are approximately 5000 weddings in Snohomish each year? Our unique combination of rustic elegance has made Snohomish one of the premier wedding destinations in the PNW. This event showcases all Snohomish has to offer in venues, photography, caterers and every detail of planning a wedding. Butplan your day strategically, because it will be impossible to visit all 19 venues and over 100 wedding professionals on this tour! Read more about this event at


Speaking of weddings! Do you remember Sarah and Joe, our engaged couple we’ve been following? We got another update from Sarah about how wedding plans are coming along. They’ve been busy sourcing many Snohomish businesses to create a unique wedding experience. Here are a few hints Sarah shared with us!

Catering – The Hungry Pelican
Bar Service – Skip Rock
Props – Roots of Gratitude
Wedding Planner – Blush Celebrations
There you have it! June in Snohomish is fast approaching, get your tickets, invite your friends and participate in what our lovely community has to offer! *If you want to share this article just click here to TWEET.


Planes, Trains, Automobiles and More

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This month things really kick off with fun recreational activities for the whole family. Snohomish is a hotbed of outdoor fun in the sun, whether on two wheels or four, up in the sky or down on the ground. This post provides you with everything you need to know to get ready for recreational May-hem! *Scroll down for links to business pages.



We’re really talking about hot air balloons and skydiving here. You see them floating in the sky, and a stroll through downtown wouldn’t be complete without people falling from the clear blue. We caught up with Airial Hot Air Balloons and Snohomish Skydive to find out what we can expect from being up in the air.

Airial Balloon Company – 360-568-3025

Shannon was our friendly over-the-phone chaperon, as she explained to us what to expect if you plan on riding high in a balloon of hot air. When preparing for your first flight it’s important to dress casually. You will be landing in a field and you’ll want to be prepared to walk on dewy grass. “Dress like you’re going to the park,” says Shannon.

Also bring a camera. You can’t believe all that you can see from up there: The City of Seattle, the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Tulalip Casino and Boeing. What sets off a hot air balloon ride in Snohomish are the glistening lakes and mountains framing not only pumpkin fields, but rows upon rows of wildflowers and ornamental trees, Bald Eagles and other wildlife.

Airial Hot Air Balloon is giving away a free ride! Raffle tickets are only $1 with the winning raffle announced after a drawing in December. *Hint – Winter flights are the most clear with lots of altitude, so be sure to stop in and buy a raffle for a chance to win a Winter flight.

Skydive Snohomish (Drop Zone) 360-568-7703

This popular establishment is for the adrenaline prone, and opens this weekend with extended dives throughout the season. Thinking about sending up Mom or Dad or that special grad? Skydive Snohomish is working on promotions for Mother’s Day and other holidays, so stay tuned for more information from them. Here is a link if you want to find out more about your first dive, but if you want to just observe (like us), they have an observation area that allows you to watch the skydivers floating in. People come from all over to learn from these experts.


Eastside Rail/Trail Corridor

We are excited about the Eastside Rail Corridor connecting Woodinville and Snohomish. In December Snohomish County purchased the 11-mile section from the Port of Seattle in an effort to further develop the rail system to one day include a wine and beer train experience. There is also a trail in the works that will connect people from the southend to the Centennial Trail which reaches into the northern areas of Snohomish County at Marysville.


Bickford Ford 425-334-4045

Mike Bickford gave us an update on some automobile trends we will be seeing out on the road!

  • Major improvements in quality across the board
  • Safety improvements
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • The Hybrid Fusion can get up to 47 miles to the gallon!
  • Lightweight  aluminum technology. Ford F150 will be the first of its kind with this technology.

Test drive some cars featuring these new trends and make plans for your next automobile adventure.

And More!

We decided in honor of the Sky Valley Motorcycle Show we would include cycling too, whether motorized or not. We spoke to a couple of area businesses to find out how to get your “bike” ready for all that riding you’re going to do!

Dr. Rob’s Rod & Cycle Shop 360-568-5653

Kevin helped us understand the importance of taking some time to inspect your motorcycle before going out on the road. Here are a few things to do first:

  1. Check your tire pressure and fluid levels.
  2. Give your bike a good bath! This allows you to really slow down and take some time to inspect every part of your motorcycle. A visual inspection of bolts and cables will keep you safe.
  3. Inspect your gear. Make sure your gear is in good condition and is comfortable for those long hauls. Check helmet straps and invest in good eye protection.

New to the area? The cycle shop will create a map for you based on the type of scenery and roads you like to ride on using Mapquest. Stop in and start planning your next road trip.

Snohomish Bicycles 360-862-8300

Now that Snohomish Bicycles is in their new location on Front Street, it’s the perfect time to stop in and scope out everything they have on display. You can also walk around and talk shop (or bicycles) with a Latte from their in-house brew shop Rock City Cafe. Here are a few ways to get your bicycle ready for the trail this season, or wherever your adventures take you.

  1. Make sure your tires have the correct pressure and aren’t worn.
  2. Take a look at gears to see that things are working properly.
  3. Just bring it in to Snohomish Bicycles – they will give your bike everything it needs to get you off and biking for just $55!

Thanks to all the businesses helping us stay safe!

Airial Balloon Company –
Snohomish Skydive –
Bickford Ford –
Dr. Rob’s Rod & Cycle Shop –
Snohomish Bicycles –
Eastside Rail Corridor –
For cycling on Centennial Trail follow this link:

May Events in Snohomish: Motorcycles, Market and Cider

1000Are you surprised it’s just about May already? We are too. It seems like Winter drags on with its mossy tendrils, and then before you know it, we are smack dab in the middle of bustling activity! So here are a few more things to add to your May calendar: Teacher Appreciation 5K  & Street Fair (May 3), Farmer’s Market (May 8), Living the Dream Ride (May 10), Cider Festival (May 10), Historical Society Tea (May 17) and The Motorcycle Show featuring BrewHAHA (May 18).


Teachers do a lot for our kids. This event is a celebration to thank our local teachers for all they do for our students. The event kicks off with a 5K Run/Walk and kids dash followed by a street fair, bouncy house, face-painting and tours of historic Carnegie building and grounds. Find out more here!


This is one of the community’s favorite season long events! There’s music, wine tasting at nearby shops, little kids with ice cream cones, adorable dogs, and all the fresh food you need for your summertime meals.

Market Hours
Hours change in keeping
with seasons & sunset.
Spring Market
May 8 – June 26
3pm – 7:00pm
Summer Market
July 3 – Aug 21
3pm to 7:30pm
Fall Market
Aug 28 – Sept 25
3pm until Sunset


This has been dubbed the most beautiful ride in Washington state and will make Mother’s Day weekend one to remember. Choose from 18, 36 or 62 miles throughout the Snohomish Valley. Premium riders will receive a luxury Fifth Avenue gift! All riders are pampered along the way and after the ride. Packet pickup and pre-party include a wine walk through Historic Downtown. This year’s benefactor is the Make-A-Wish Foundation Alaska & Washington. Register with a girlfriend, you don’t want to  miss this event!


This is not your typical cider from childhood! Cider has made a comeback and this event brings to you the newest hard cider creations from the Pacific NW. Your ticket gets you 5 tasting tokens, nibbles and a chance to chat with the makers about all things cider. Proceeds benefit Snohomish Kiwanis.  Click here for a list of participating cider makers and to purchase tickets.

*Don’t forget about Mother’s Day May 11!


The Snohomish Historical Society was founded in 1969 as a non-profit corporation with the mission of bringing together those interested in history and especially the history of Snohomish. This year the tea will host two authors! For more information on this event call 360-568-5235 or email

Snohomish Motorcycle ShowSKY VALLEY ANTIQUE & CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE SHOW – MAY 18-  DOWNTOWN SNOHOMISH *Featuring the First Annual BrewHAHA Beer tasting and comedy!

Get ready to hear the rumble of motorcycles because the show is back in Snohomish again this year! This motorcycle show let’s you marvel at amazing modifications, custom designs and be awestruck at classic motorcycles in pristine condition.  First Street downtown gets transformed into a motorcycle oasis. Let’s not forget the bands, delicious food, contests and vendors at this popular event! Click here for more information.


This year we’ve added a new event featuring local breweries and comedians during the motorcycle show. Take a break from the show and taste delicious offerings from brewers and get ready for some belly laughs. Proceeds benefit the Snohomish Senior Center. Find out more here!

Grab a friend and make plans for all of these exciting May happenings!

Spring into Fashion Right Here in Snohomish

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It’s April and that means our attention is on Spring Break, Travel, Easter and Fashion. We decided to take a stroll through some of the shops in Snohomish to find out what we should be wearing this Spring! Many of the business owners downtown travel near and far to find out what’s on trend throughout the fashion world, and bring it to our community. Here are just a few things they shared with us. Come down and hunt for your favorite thing!

  • Funky Charms & Necklaces by Beaucoup Jewelry are a fashion ‘do’ this Spring, especially the Camper and Trailer charms
  • Red, White & Blue Fashion
  • We still LOVE Chevron
  • Breathable Cotton
  • Multi-purpose Sweaters
  • Lots of Print – Patterns and Floral