Joyworks Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Joyworks BlogJoyworks celebrates 35 years in business this month, and we caught up with the ladies to talk about their history and success!

How does a business adapt to changes in the economy and account for shifting demographics? These are some of the things we wanted to know when we sat down with Jana Johnson of Joyworks. Jana gave us some sound advice for new shop owners, and we also talked about some memorable trends through the years and some funny stories.


Joyworks actually began in Lake Stevens 35 years ago, when Clarice Johnson opened it up with a friend, Sue Johnson. Joyworks moved to the Marks Building in Snohomish, and finally occupied the current location. The original storefront was on the corner of Avenue A and First Street before growing to occupy three storefronts. Sue was eventually bought out, and daughters, Jana and Amy have worked with Clarice to make Joyworks what it is today.

The First Joyworks

The First Joyworks

The three really have the details down to a science with Jana, Amy and Clarice traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada to the apparel show and Atlanta, Georgia to the home decor show each year. Amy focuses on the fashion end of Joyworks making sure to offer styles of clothing for all ages, while Clarice and Jana focus on home decor, but if you’ve ever been into Joyworks, you know that everybody is helpful and kind and willing to help you find just what you need.


Joyworks was really a front runner in the early days as one of the only craft stores around. Here you could purchase your ribbons and trimmings, as well as handcrafted items from brands like Bunnies By the Bay. Clarice began making dried flower crafts and selling them at street fairs in the 1970’s, and after opening in Snohomish began to establish Joyworks as a resource for crafters. Over the years Joyworks has grown to include clothing and housewares, and anyone who shops there knows their inventory is vast and beautiful. Even the basement is categorized and decorated by color, offering something for anyone.


Creating a successful long-standing business isn’t easy, especially when shifts in economy and demographics change, but Joyworks has managed to do this by being thrifty, offering amazing value at good prices and knowing their market. When the economy took a nosedive in 2009, Joyworks recognized that people were shifting buying habits from home decor, a luxury in many cases to clothing. So they increased their inventory of clothes at a price point that made it affordable for women to purchase a new outfit without feeling like they broke the bank.


Remember the Beanie Baby craze of the 90’s? Joyworks would have boxes of Beanie Babies shipped to the shop and rolled down the side of the building so people wouldn’t see. Then the customers would line up out the door just waiting to get their hands on some. They were so popular customers were only allowed to buy one so there would be enough to go around. One customer donned a hat and sunglasses to disguise herself and got right back in line for a second one! Now of course, the current trends are lace camis, boot toppers and lacey socks. Joyworks has them all!


The ladies from Joyworks really work hard to offer original items. Jana is also a painter and her work can be found in the shop and printed on towels. They also have vendors who make signs and other things just for Joyworks. Jana says, “Be original, be considerate and roll with the punches when things change.” They are always refining their items, researching trends in fashion and decor and making the shopping experience a fun one. Their attention to the customers is one of the things that keep people coming back. They have customers spanning life experiences from having a baby to that baby getting married!

“We are so blessed to be able to do what we love and share it with our customers! A big thank you to all of our customers and friends who have supported us through the years,” said Jana.


Jana writes a popular blog called Shopgirl and can be found here. She loves to write about DIY projects she’s doing, and share images of holiday parties, new items, etc. They can also be found on social media down below.

Thank you Joyworks for keeping our community in vintage style!

Facebook: joyworks.snohomish

Instagram: Joyworks1

Pinterest: Jana Johnson Label



World Cup Dreams Come True for Local Business Owner












How do you think you would feel being introduced to a roller derby athlete? Words that come to mind might be intimidated, scared and maybe even frozen. Well, that’s not the case when you meet local business owner and World Cup Roller Derby athlete, Lacey Ramon, also known as ‘Carmen Getsome’ on the track. She is sweet and bubbly and dedicated to the health and betterment of people in our own community as co-owner of Snohomish Fitness Center.

We asked Lacey if we could write about her upcoming trip (this week!) to the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup in Dallas, Texas, which takes place December 4th – December 7th. But first, a little bit about this thing called roller derby.

10678793_830273686993364_8410820966589558445_nVery basically, roller derby consists of two teams of 5 players, roller skating in the same direction around a track. One person is selected as the scoring player while members of the team play both offense and defense allowing her to lap the opposing team’s scoring player.  You may be familiar with this sport as dominated by female athletes and…… bruising. It’s strategic, competitive and, as far as the World Cup is concerned, has grown from 13 teams in 2011 to 30 teams this year! *Scroll to the bottom for more roller derby history, and some of the countries represented.


Lacey has been competitive all of her life, and while the sports have changed through the years, her desire to attend a World Cup competition has not. This week she will compete in her first World Cup championship! We asked her a few quick questions before her flight to Dallas. Here are a few things she had to say:

ES: What is your favorite post workout smoothie?

Lacey: I actually love to have a smoothie pre-workout. The Get Some Energy smoothie at Snohomish Fitness Center is named after me because I drink it so often. It is strawberry,banana, Greek yogurt, orange juice and I add whey protein. After workout I have a nice cold glass of chocolate milk!

ES: What song is currently on repeat while you workout?

Lacey: I am terrible at music but when I am skating I feel like there are always Taylor Swift songs on or being referenced. I guess I must be feeling 22!

ES: In a word, what is it like to compete?

Lacey: In a word competing at the Roller Derby World Cup is AMAZING!

To watch the World Cup event tickets can be purchased here. If you are on social media, you can follow much of the action here. Team USA competes THURSDAY at 3:40PM against Puerto Rico! Good luck Lacey! Visit Lacey at Snohomish Fitness Center and get in shape for the New Year.


Modern roller derby has been around for 11 years. There are more than 1500 teams in the world with nearly 50 countries competing in the sport (egypt, dubai, japan, all the european countries, etc!)

The World cup will have 30 countries represented including Argentina, Japan, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Canada, England as well as the United States to name a few.

Christmas in Snohomish

Elvin the Sno-gnome

Elvin the Sno-gnome

It’s that time of year! We are so excited to see all of the twinkly lights and energy of Christmas filling the whole city of Snohomish. You’ll want to pay attention to events on the graphic to the left! These are some special events (some old and some new) that the City and Historic Downtown Snohomish have put together for everyone to enjoy. Check on event updates and Elvin the Sno-Gnome’s shenanigans here! Here are a couple of highlights to consider, and feel free to download and share this graphic with family and friends.


Santa arrives on November 28th and he has a new home this year on Avenue A south of 1st Street near the Gazebo.  Festivities begin at 2pm and last until 7pm.


Capping at a whopping 400 runners, this fun run is a new event to the holiday season and is a testimony to our healthy and active residents. Enjoy the “Cheermeister Village” between Avenues D and E along First Street where participants will find vendors and holiday cheer after the race.


Each year on December 21st, residents can partake in a self-guided reflection tour along the river walk with over 500 candles. Many volunteers get together to set the lights along the river walk. We know it has become a tradition for family and friends to take this time to walk together in the candlelight and enjoy some quiet time before Christmas. It’s also a great time to find those last minute gifts and treat yourself to a quiet moment of celebration in the candlelight.


This new event will be a great way to taste local wine, beer and spirits.  Bottles will be available for purchase and they make great gifts.  Located at Dairyland Farm, 12125 Treosti, Snohomish which will be all decked out for the holiday.  Tickets online at Making Spirits Bright. Proceeds benefit the Kla Ha Ya Days Festival.

What is your favorite activity in Snohomish this time of year? We’d love to hear from you!

Holiday Entertaining – Snohomish

j a n u a r y (2)You may have noticed many storefronts wrapped with secrecy along First Street this week! We are happy to say they will all be open and ready for the big reveal this weekend. We got a sneak peek at what some of them have on hand to inspire your holiday shopping and entertaining. *Click images for gallery below.

Blanc & Rouge Wine

Are you wondering which wine would make the most of your holiday meal? Mary Pat of Blanc & Rouge says Pino Noir is traditional with Turkey, and they have some great ones from Oregon and France. Another festive choice is a Sparkling Rose, which goes great with Turkey and all the sides. Blanc & Rouge will be having a tasting Saturday, November 8, from 3pm-5pm with a new food menu, so be sure to make your holiday wine choices and have a taste too.

holidaybokehRuffles & Rust, Sweet Bee & Faded Elegance

These businesses opened up their shops to us so we could bring you popular cookbooks, entertaining & gift ideas as well as inspiration for the home . View the slide show for all the photos, and shop local this weekend!

November Happenings

Share this graphic with your friends and be sure to link over to Historic Downtown Snohomish for more event information and to make purchases for ticketed events.

It’s a great time to relish in the holiday spirit of Snohomish. These downtown shops  are so talented and really care about bringing the Snohomish experience to you and yours. Cheers!

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Haunts, Halloween and BrewFest Oh My!

HalloweenAs we watched neighbors adorn their porches in orange twinkling lights this past weekend, it reminded us to start organizing plans for Haunts, Halloween and Brewfest! If you haven’t already, make sure to visit one of the farms to gather your pumpkins and cornstalks. Seven farms participate in the Snohomish Valley Festival of Pumpkins, and not only offer pumpkins, but delicious food, corn mazes and a whole lot of fun for kids and adults alike. So, here’s what you need to know to plan the perfect rest of October!


There are seven farms participating in this season-long festival highlighting pumpkins, corn mazes, farm animals and harvest adventures for the whole family. These farms are spread throughout the Snohomish Valley. It’s definitely worth trying to visit them all because they each offer something unique and magical. Most now offer fire pits that can be rented for groups, and after dark scary haunts for the young ones and older crowd who want to be scared silly. Read more about what each farm has to offer here.


Many of the farms feature after dark adventures like the Haunted Swamp and Zombie Paintball, as well as non-scary nighttime mazes. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight and call ahead to rent one of their fire pits, and save some room for the concessions found inside some of the mazes. Lots of screams, chain saws, laughing clowns and more. Click here to find out more about what each farm has to offer after dark!


This year marks the fourth annual Snohomish Brewfest. This year it will continue in its new location at the Snohomish Events Center located at 1011 Second Street. Washington State has some of the best craft breweries in the area, and this event is a testimony to that trend. This event has grown to over 1000 people enjoying live music, samples from over 20 breweries and tasty food. IT’S THIS WEEKEND! So mark your calendar and follow their Facebook page for brewery and sample updates. All proceeds benefit the Snohomish Senior Center and is their main fundraising event.

Friday, Oct. 24th from 6-10pm

Saturday, Oct. 25th from Noon – 4pm

Saturday, Oct. 25th from 5-9pm


A twist on Halloween, the Snohomish Aquatic Center is offering a fun evening combining water fun, costume contest, cake walk, huge inflatable in the competition pool and more. Come see the aquatic center at its spookiest. 4pm-7:30pm on Halloween!



Halloween is on a Friday night this year, so make it an extra special occasion! Bring the little ones to Historic Downtown Snohomish on First Street where many of the businesses will hand out candy between 3pm-5pm.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood to trick-or-treat in? Snohomish has a lot of areas to take the kids, so ask around! Then plan your after dark adventure at one of the farms. Essentials: umbrella, flashlight, healthy snack for in between candy eating, extra bags for candy and costumes, water bottles and jackets. Stay warm and have a screaming time!

8 Tips for Getting Organized Right Now

524973_3756303063568_1209282379_nLong strands of a spider’s web and colorful leaves scattered on the ground remind us that it’s October! Already? The Holidays are just around the corner, and we know some of you have it on your To Do list to de-clutter and organize before it’s too late. We asked Sherri Hanson, long-time resident and former business owner in Snohomish,who is currently a real estate agent giving seminars on this very thing, what we can do TODAY that will help eliminate the overwhelming task of organizing.

Sherri used to have an interior design company, Sherri Hansen Designs with Wicker and Wood in the Mark’s Building on First Street. She creates beautiful oil paintings in her spare time, and is currently a real estate agent with The Red Door Team at Keller Williams. Sherri’s team works primarily with seniors looking to downsize or who are transitioning into a retirement situation.

“When we give our seminars, we’re really trying to eliminate the overwhelm of de-cluttering and organizing, particularly with seniors who may be downsizing. But these tips work for anyone trying to get things in order at home,” said Sherri.


It’s important to set mini goals. Don’t just take all of your clothes out of the closet and think you are going to go through them all one by one. What may end up happening is that you get tired or called away and the clothes are still taking up residence, but now on your bed or a chair! Follow some of these tips to make the act or organizing attainable.


One tip Sherri gives is to hang clothes that you may want to donate on the right side of your closet. That way after a few weeks, you can start to see what you’ve been wearing, and what’s hanging around on the right side. This works for dressers too. Set a date for donating clothes, and just simply go through the right side and say good-bye to all that clutter.

Another surprising tip that Sherri just started doing is to hang up EVERYTHING when it comes out of the dryer. We all know what happens to that pile of folded clothes intended for the dresser, particularly to families with small children. This tip might save you time and the hassle of  having to rewash clothes.


The main one is, “Do I really need it?” Instead of making the art of organizing a BIG project, take different colored dot stickers and just stick them on items around your house with one of four colors: Red/Trash, Yellow/Maybe, Green/Keep, Blue/Donate. When you’ve approached a date for when you will sort all of these items, it will seem like you haven’t done any work at all.


Want to feel successful organizing right away? Sherri says to begin with the room you use the least.That way you are able to take a minimal amount of time to clean things up, like in an extra bedroom.


There are resources available and clever ideas to help hang on to the memories of those items, but maybe without the items themselves. Kari Townsend from The Quiet Lives Project, documents people’s valuables and creates a book for them. That way the memories are there, and the item can be enjoyed by somebody else.

Maybe your valuables are a little more expensive and you’d rather sell than donate. Art of Ebay will take your item, list it on ebay and give you a check when it sells. This is a great way to get the item out of your house so you can enjoy a de-cluttered home.


What would happen if you went through all of those bins and junk drawers in your house? You would probably find batteries and other essentials that are scattered about, but take too long to find when you’re in a hurry, so off you go to the store to replenish things you already have. We all have too much stuff, pick a day or even just 15 minutes to go through one drawer at a time. You  might be surprised at what you’ll find.


Tell a friend what you are planning to do, that way it will be easier for you to get it done. The buddy system works great in the area of clothing and kitchens. Invite your friend over and go through things together. You and your friend may have just the thing the other one needs. Win/win.


Eliminate  a little bit of the kitchen rush by planning your dishes in advance. Sherri used to own a catering company, Celebrate Catering, and this tip helped her at events. Put sticky notes on each platter with what will go on it. When your guests arrive and want to help you, they’ll be able to match the right food with the right dish.

There you have it! These ideas will help you get started today with a goal to get organized by Thanksgiving. If you want to attend one of Sherri’s seminars click here.



Unique Writing Workshop in Snohomish October 4

event pic

Do you write for your business? Are you working on a blog or book? This unique writing workshop may just be the thing to hone those writing skills into razor sharp profits.

The City of Snohomish is collaborating with published authors and social media professionals to bring you a unique writing workshop to take your writing to the next level.

The 4-hour workshop features an Instagram Walk through Historic Downtown Snohomish, where you’ll discover elements that just might become your muse as you develop your writing style and voice.

Kate Lebo, poet and author, will guide us through the art of ‘backyard storytelling.’ You’ll learn how to use your surroundings, whether it’s a new product, recipe or image, to develop a story that captures the imagination of your reader. Imelda Dulcich from Imelda Dulcich PR & Social Media will show you how to develop relationships through social media after you’ve written your blog, book or press release.

Tammy Cannon from Cannon Social Media is coordinating the event, and Sublime Garden Design is our host for the day.

Midway through the workshop, attendees will go on the Instagram walk, visit shops and restaurants to find inspiring content, and break for lunch on their own. Attendees will reconvene and view a same-day Instagram Wall of photos from other participants during the walk, share their experiences and muses, talk about story ideas and share dessert (provided).

View more details here ~>

Follow the Facebook event page here ~>

At Home in Snohomish: Habitat Trends and Lifestyles

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The cool early morning breeze and fading floral remind us that Fall is upon us (this weekend!), and thoughts return to home and hearth. Soups and stews coupled with cozy blankets and candlelight mark the transition to a new season. It’s also time to reorganize, clean out and change around some elements of design in your home. We decided to do some research and bring you design trends in Snohomish for Autumn 2014. Here we go!

*Remember for more inspiration, go on the Historic Homes Tour of Snohomish this coming Sunday from 12-5PM!

Ruffles & Rust: Reclaimed Wood Table

Ruffles & Rust: Reclaimed Wood Table


A key trend this season is mixing modern and vintage styles together to create a unique statement about your space. It’s a great opportunity to combine a favorite antique with modern accents.


The more the merrier it seems as pillows become the center of attention with bold geometric shapes and pops of color. Texture plays a part showcasing the transition of the season with soft fur.

Ruffles & Rust: Large Patterned Pillows

Ruffles & Rust: Large Patterned Pillows


Whether it’s electrified letters, or chandeliers in nickel and brass, lighting sets the mood for the home this fall. Warmth and glow remind us of family and friendship.


Our world has become glossy and square with cell phones and tablets. Introduce organic shapes found in nature to coffee tables and shelves, like a swirled leaf dish or curvy branches.

backtoschool2 006FROSTED GLASS

Etched glass is reminiscent of frost and changing temperatures. It also adds style and elegance to the family dinner.


Scaled artwork, whether custom, vintage or new, is a popular design element this season. Mix it up with unusual media that fits your unique tastes.

Faded Elegance: Large scale wall art

Faded Elegance: Large scale wall art


This is our favorite design trend for the home. Zillow Digs tells us that this is the number one trend for the Master Bedroom. Tradition is replaced with reclaimed wood headboards, combined with warm neutrals and brass statement lighting. Rustic elegance combines all the elements of style above.

There you have it! Shop Snohomish for inspiration and to find those unique pieces that will keep your home fresh, warm and inviting. We want to thank the following businesses for contributing to this post!

HC Home – A combination of modern and vintage items and painting classes to get the look of distressed wood as seen in the slide show above.

Bramble – A new concept for Snohomish, offering new pieces with a variety of options for paint, stain, artwork, etc. With three locations on First Street, Second Street and Everett.

Ruffles and Rust Square – Always changing with new and used items, including new cookbooks and syrups, jams, jellies, honey and kitchenware. Get your Apronology, Mingle and other creative magazines for inspiration in your home.

Faded Elegance – Anniversary Sale Tonight at 5PM!!!! Find your accents and statement pieces here along with vintage elements for industrial glamour.

September Events in Snohomish

experiencefallHow did it get to be September already? I don’t know about you, but celebrating fall in Snohomish makes it ok to say goodbye to August. Some of the most popular events are coming up this month, and a quick check on the weather report says we’ll have a lot of sunshine in the coming days!


Flying pumpkins, fairies, gnomes and kilts kick off the season-long Festival of Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Hurl and Medieval Faire. Located at Alexander Farm. Get your medieval on click link above to find out more about this awesome 2-day event.


We love this event and can’t believe it’s the last one of the season! Grab some friends, your hubby or neighbor and come out for some wine, apps and shopping.


The Snohomish Senior Center is hosting this event which features health seminars and vendors with topics such as acupuncture, estate planning and travel. Admission is free and there will be door prizes!


History buff? Snohomish has a lot of it and this tour of historic homes gives you an inside look at how our city was developed. For more information click on the link.


Get ready for an amazing day of hot rod and classic cars in Historic Downtown Snohomish. Can you guess how many cars you’ll see? How about 650!



The Banner Days Release Party: Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis

The-Banner-Days-Cover-Web-470x414Have you ever asked a question and had the answer come back in an unexpected and ethereal way? That’s what happened when we talked with Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis ahead of their upcoming album drop on August 23rd, The Banner Days. These Snohomish residents are part of a talented and artistic group who make up a large demographic right here in our riverside city.

Listening to Beth sing ‘Brother,’ one can’t help but be still and absorb the echoes of loss. In collaborating and writing songs together, Beth and Bradford have magnified their magic through these vibrations of soul.


Beth grew up in Snohomish in a large family on a farm. Themes of simplicity and enjoying what’s right in front of you, namely each other, have origins from those experiences. For both Bradford and Beth, being part of  a community that supports and nurtures music has been a large part of their success.


The Banner Days will be released on August 23rd at an as yet undisclosed location. The release of this album is a culmination of hard work and support from not only our local community but the Kickstarter community as well. Beth and Bradford put together a fun and informative Kickstarter video and raised money to create this album. In the video Bradford says this album is like a “Hopeful New Chapter.”

“This album is about a shift in focus. Living in the right now no matter the circumstances. Every person wades through a personalized concoction of suffering. We also have opportunities to experience genuine joy. In my experience, suffering is inevitable. Joy is more like a racing stallion- it’s hard to take the reins of her, but worth a shot,” said Beth.


Beth: “Figure out what you really want/need to say to this world. Start there and make sure you really believe in it.”

Bradford: “Be relentless. Pursue it with everything you are and everything you have. Don’t wait till you figure it out or until you’re ready. You will never feel that way. Just go. You will learn quicker and more by just doing it.”

404269-250AFTER-SET SNACK?

While they don’t have a go to after set snack, Beth loves crumpets and Nutella, and Bradford might like some Nachos! We think these are excellent choices.


Beth: “‘Brother’ is the most meaningful for me right now. It’s raw and honest.”

Bradford: “‘Wanted Man’ for me. It’s filled with fear, doubt, regret, self-consciousness and shame which are all very potent emotional nemesis for me. It’s been a struggle to learn how to push through, to trust and to have hope.”


Beth: “I am so grateful to this community for all their support. It’s humbling, inspiring, and has been truly instrumental for this project.”

Bradford: “This album, this project, and this collaboration have truly happened because of so many amazing people in this community. You are all helping us to have a wider reach, to get this album out there further and further. With every share and every reference, with every person you tell about The Banner Days, you are helping us in such an important way. We could not be more proud of this record. It is our absolute pleasure to share it with you and we really think you will like it. Thank you all!”